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Welcome! On this site, you can find almost everything you need to know about grammm, how it works, how you can use it. If you have any questions, or want to make a report about information you are missing, or something else that you would like to see here, do not hesitate and relay us a message on our homepage.

User Documentation

Our user documentation provides users of grammm with the resources to work and use grammm. With emphasis on easy-to-read and up-to-date content, we try to help users with all kinds of different skill levels to interact with grammm.

grammm User Docs

Using grammm with different software clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and more.

grammm Web Docs

Using grammm Web, including references to grammm Meet, grammm Files and grammm Chat.

grammm Meet Docs

Using grammm Meet on web and mobile clients.

grammm Files Docs

Using grammm Files on web, mobile and desktop clients.

grammm Chat Docs

Using grammm Chat on web, mobile and desktop clients.

Administrator Documentation

Our administrator documentation helps administrators to install, configure and operate grammm and its components. For administrators of grammm, it is recommended to have at least a very basic skillset with operating with the Linux operating systems, though it is not mandatory to understand all the details.

grammm Administrator Docs

Main grammm Administrator Documentation covering all aspects of grammm, from installation to operation.

grammm Man Pages

Main grammm Man Pages collection for Administrators, with details for each service and configurable parameter.

grammm Migration Docs

This document provides information on migration strategies to grammm, mainly for use by Administrators.

Developer Documentation

Our developer documentation provides developers with information on how to extend, build and develop grammm. For example, the developer documentation includes API specifications so grammm components can be integrated with other management tools/solutions.

grammm Developer Docs

Main grammm Administrator Documentation covering all aspects of grammm, from installation to operation.

Generic Information

In our generic information section, we provide links to other useful ressources which can help users, administrators, developers and any other party to discover the world of grammm.

grammm Roadmap

Providing insight on how and where grammm develops to and which features are to be expected next.

grammm Wiki

grammm Wiki contains useful information, specifically delivering extensive information beyond the existing documentation.

grammm Forum

grammm Forum works as community of grammm people, and while gramm tries to help occasionally, the forum is not for support requests.

grammm Portal

grammm Portal is the main grammm-Partner location to order new and manage existing subscriptions.

grammm Home

Where you can generally find about anything regarding grammm, its products and what grammm is all about.