exchange_nsp is a processing plugin for http(8gx) which handles the Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface Protocol, in essence providing the Address Book for the EMSMDB connector.

Config file directives


Default: 5 minutes


Default: 3000


Default: 100000


Default: false


Default: (unspecified)


A number of properties are always synthesized by exchange_nsp and never read from any storage; this includes key properties such as PR_ENTRYID, PR_RECORD_KEY, etc. The following properties need mentioning:

  • PR_DEPARTMENT: This property is synthesized from the department that a user has been assigned to (cf. SQL table “users”, column “group_id”, and SQL table “group”, column “title”).

For user-defined properties that are read from SQL (cf. table “user_properties”), exchange_nsp (as well as zcore(8gx)’s AB) only handles a subset of property types: PT_BOOLEAN, PT_SHORT, PT_LONG, PT_I8, PT_SYSTIME, PT_BINARY, PT_UNICODE/STRING8 and PT_MV_UNICODE/STRING8.

Multi-valued properties are only supported up to 1 element due to current limitations in the SQL schema.

Normative references

  • MS-OXNSPI: Exchange Server Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Protocol

See also

gromox(7), http(8gx)