grammm Web is the web-baseed interface of the grammm software suite. It combines a set of applications which allow easy usage for everyday users. grammm Web can be accessed through a modern web browser and has all the important and daily usable tools like e-mail, calendar, contacts, notes & tasks, and integration with grammm Meet and others.

Altogether, grammm Web offers integrated advanced tools for teamwork and professional collaborations, such as chat and web meetings. Since grammm Web is easy configurable, administrators and developers can create new plugins and integrate them into the interface at any time.


grammm Web can be accessed from a modern web browser. The currently supported list of browsers of grammm Web include, but are not limited to:

  • Google Chrome (78+), including derivatives such as Brave Browser, Ungoogled and Iridium

  • Mozilla Firefox (70+)

  • Apple Safari (12.1+)

  • Microsoft Edge (78+)

We recommend the use of a relatively recent version of the used browser. Next to security reasons, this traditionally provides the best user experience overall. While other browsers or other versions may also work, grammm cannot guarantee their function. If you encounter any issues, we recommend to get in touch with support and open a support ticket so potential incompatibilities can be investigated.